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DMGSF Dr. Monica M. Dahlem Labcoat Website Headshot

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Company website, press release, social media and LinkedIn

Photographs of C-suite executives & key employees of SFDMG 

The Dermatology Medical Group of San Francisco asked me to help them with headshots of the doctors and key employees for a website update.

We needed two great company headshots of each doctor. One in their lab coat for use on their website and another in street clothes for use in social media. The practice would use both images in press releases as well. 

Because this is a dermatology practice with an elite clientele, we needed to show the doctor's skin as nearly flawless. I used my flattering lighting plan to capture detail and add depth and dimension. The doctors chose not to use my makeup artist, relying on their flawless complexions, excellent health, and retouching to show them as the beneficiaries of their practice.

The practice required a group shot. The practice had recently added a new team member, Dr. Barry, and we wanted to showcase her as a new team member.

I chose the waiting room of the doctor's office because of its elegance. I modeled their posing and positioning on images I've seen of the royal family. Not only did this provide a solid composition, but it also avoided causing any hurt feelings because the concept was appealing to the doctors.


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