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Photographs of founders and all company employees to provide a professional presentation consistent with the company's brand for official roll-out.

A few weeks prior to launching their start-up, the founders of Prosimo realized that they needed professional on-site photos of their team to help market their new company. 


The plan was to photograph their three founders and seven senior staff members at their office to help establish their brand identity and recruit talent. The only tricky part of the photoshoot was 2 members were in India and I needed to do a remote photo session, a bit tricky but the images came out well. 


The on-site shoot took place at the Prosimo offices near Mission College in Santa Clara, CA and I really enjoyed working with the team. All 10 members were so enthusiastic and excited to be taking this next step on their journey to success. That enthusiasm showed through in all their photos as you can see. What’s not showing is the fatigue that was visible on their faces from the countless hours they put in during those weeks prior to launch. With careful editing, we were able to keep them looking fresh and vibrant in their headshots.


On the day of the shoot, we all got to know each other a little and several Prosimo team members were both surprised and delighted to see the amount of lighting and camera equipment I brought with me. They expected me to show up with just a single light and a camera. I explained that in order to produce the high production values that make my work stand out from the crowd, I could not take any shortcuts. I always aim to provide results that are consistent with the quality of images I showcase on my website. 


Prosimo really enjoyed the photo session and came away with a variety of photos that truly helped identify their brand in the busy Silicon Valley marketplace.


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