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On-location Corporate Headshots 

Photo Usage
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New photographs of company leadership and employees that are consistent with updated branding.

Lillian Minor 220504-Zanbato-CompanyHead

Zanabato was referred to me by another photographer. I was booked to photograph 8 executives. Once I got started everyone decided they wanted to be photographed.

Things like that happen when you focus on making headshots a great experience for everybody.

Since that first day I have photographed three more traders in their Mountain View office and connected two additional traders in NYC with a photographer who worked with me to maintain the Zanbato brand.

Update: Zanbato has taken full advantage of our New Hire Program as they've grown. (I love return customers.)


The Shoot

Your people are going to love you for making them look so good.

4020 Fabian Way Suite 101

Palo Alto, CA 94303

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