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7 Tips For Get A Great Company Headshot

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

A lot of people get anxious about being photographed. For many people, their experience being photographed is picture day at school. I began my career doing that kind of work.

I remember photographing an entire seventh-grade class in one day. There were three photographers and hundreds of kids, most of whom were either confused, scared, or showing off for their friends.

Jeorge Fernandez, Office Manager, Company Headshot on White
Jeorge Fernandez, Office Manager, Company Headshot on White

Things are different now. You’re not a kid. You’re an adult with a reputation for being a skilled professional. Your photographs should reflect that confidence and composure.

It’s not your job to look good in photographs.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not your job to look good in photographs. It’s your photographer's job to make you look good. Your marketing director or CMO has selected a skilled and experienced professional who takes pride in their work and has a reputation to uphold as well.

Just remember these seven tips:

  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of your company headshot to your career, promotion, or annual review. Take it seriously and give it your best shot. You’re going to look great.

  2. Don’t practice your smile. You’ll increase your stress level by putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, and it will show as fake. Your photographer has the skills needed to help you express yourself properly. Let them do their job.

  3. Get your hair cut about a week before your shoot - let it grow out in a bit if you’re getting color. or highlights it takes a few days for it to “relax” in.

  4. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Dress well, but comfortably, professionally, and with style.

  5. Get plenty of sleep and don’t party the night before. Exercise the day of the shoot is a good idea as well.

  6. Both men and women should moisturize for a few days before the shoot. Your skin will glow, and those of us the are seasoned professionals will lose about three to seven years. Don’t forget to moisturize your throat.

  7. Invest the energy needed to do the job right, and you're going to be very happy with the results.


Dean Birinyi is an award-winning photographer, founder, and owner of Silicon Valley Headshots. He specializes in company and individual headshots. He's built a reputation of guiding his customers on presenting themselves as confident, approachable professionals ready for the next opportunity.

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