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A brief overview of my New Hire Program

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I’m always looking for ways to benefit my clients. My philosophy is the more I serve the good of others, the more successful I become.

This is why I work in a professional commercial photo studio rather than the back room of my house or the local park.

Once I’ve done a company’s headshots, either in the studio or on-location, they are eligible for my new hire program.

Company headshot of newly hired female, Indian engineer.
Company headshots of new hires make every feel they're where they belong.

Because I have a studio, I can offer my clients the opportunity to send their new hires in to be photographed when best for them during their onboarding.

This gives the marketing department consistently great headshots that are on brand and ready to go for press releases, websites, and marketing right from the start.

And I can do the studio photos for the same rate as the group photos I do on-site.

My new hire program is one more thing I can do to give my clients the best service they can have.

Contact Dean to learn more.

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