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Silicon Valley Headshots is Open For Business

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I've opened Silicon Valley Headshots to provide a service tailored to the needs of businesses. My original business, Professional Headshots Palo Alto, provides for individuals' needs, giving them the customized one-to-one service they deserve.

Man's headshot on dark background.
Dean Birinyi, Headshot Photographer, Owner of Silicon Valley Headshots

I've spent most of my career working B2B as an architectural photographer specializing in interior design photography as Dean Birinyi Photography. After a few months of working with B2C customers, I realized how I work with individuals is radically different from how I work with companies.

Marketing directors, marketing managers, CMOs, and business owners have different needs than individuals. This is why my Silicon Valley Headshots emphasize that I'm easy to work with, provide consistent results and have the business experience and social skills needed to work with very diverse people while quickly and efficiently creating great photos.

By splitting off my commercial work from my retail, I can tailor my services and approach to the needs of the busy decision-maker who needs great professional headshots of their staff or employees.

I'm looking forward to opening new doors and building a reputation for doing great work with integrity and dedication in the business community of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula.


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