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Preparing for Your Headshots

In today’s online world, your headshots or branding photos are as important as your handshake used to be. You want to make the best first impression you can.


It’s best to lean toward your conservative self in professional photos, but we also want to share your personality, and style which communicates confidence and depth of character.


Your personal style should determine what you wear and how you wear it. I suggest solid colors or small patterns. Large patterns will compete with your smile and your eyes for attention, as will large jewelry or colorful ties..

Please, don't practice your smile. Practice your secret agent look instead. I'll help you project your good nature and personality authentically.

If you're going to do your own makeup it's best to go light. My retouchers will take care of the little imperfections we all have without making you look unnnatural.


  • Clothes should be freshly cleaned and pressed with light, or no starch. 

  • Dress comfortably, but lean toward the conservative.

  • Small patterns and solid colors, please. 

  • Jackets, vests, sweaters, and turtlenecks look great.

  • T-shirts are fine as long as they are in great shape and very high quality.

  • Button-down collars often create extra pulls in your shirt. I prefer to avoid them.

Cherie Goodenough Director of Strategic


  • Women should wear opaque tops.

  • Jewel tones under a dark jacket is a sharp look that never fails.

  • Accessorize appropriately, belts, scarves.

  • Avoid bare shoulders, sleeveless, or plunging necklines, unless that’s part of your “personal brand”.

  • Jewelry should be understated. Studs rather than dangling earrings. Small, elegant necklaces.

Léa Martineau RN BSN OCN, MBA.jpg


  • Don’t worry about scars, scrapes, or shaving cuts. We’ll take care of them in finishing,. Do a good job of shaving.

  • Scruff and beards look great in photographs.

  • If you sometimes wear a tie at work please bring at least one, but here in Silicon Valley very few people wear ties.

  • Ear studs are cool.

  • Remember to show your personality.

Devin Fee, Engineer.jpg

Some things everyone should do to prepare for their photoshoot are:

  • Get a haircut at least three days before your shoot.

  • Get a good night's sleep the night before your session. If you’re well-rested you’ll look and feel better and this will show in your photos.

  • Drink extra water for a few days before because plump, well-hydrated skin has a deep healthy glow and reduces the impact of the tiny smile lines around your eyes and mouth.

  • Use lip balm several times a day for a few days before your shoot. Retouching chapped lips means reconstructing your entire mouth. That’s a terrible idea.

  • Both men and women should be well-groomed, not just your hair, mustache, and beard, but eyebrows, nose, and ears.

  • Glasses are fantastic! If you have several pairs that are different colors or styles bring them all and we’ll work with the ones that are best for each outfit. We’ll work without your glasses, too if you don’t wear them all the time.

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